If you want effective solutions to biting, screaming and other challenges, or you've always wanted to learn how to train birds,
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Consultations and Classes

  • Customized solutions for your family

    Kelly is friendly, compassionate and GREAT at helping you have a happy, well-behaved bird.   She'll give you the tools you need for a better relationship with your bird.

  • Kelly is only teaching ONCE in 2015

  • Kelly's classes are informative, entertaining and packed with awesome tips, ideas and science so suave you won't even realize you're filling up with behavior knowledge! 

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 What people are saying about Kelly   

Kelly helped Gryph and I start over, and we've made more progress in 4 months than in almost 4 years!     ~S. Myers

I can testify that the Clicken' chicken training class is a blast and you can learn so much. Everyone who signs up have a great time and Kelly is an excellent teacher.  ~C. Jaggers