JUNE 2019 – Kelly is not currently accepting new clients at the moment. Please view for other awesome trainers 


Kelly is serious about the art and science of behavior and training.  She makes consultations both easy to understand and interesting.  She knows that if you enjoy the experience, you’ll get more out of it and so will your pets.

Her unique skill sets allows her to see the fastest, easiest ways to help your pet behave. She makes small changes so the right behavior is effortless.  In some cases, she might make it harder for your critter to do the things it shouldn’t.  She is uncommonly skilled at balancing the needs of you and your pets.

If your pet is:
– too noisy
– not following directions (cues/commands)
– injuring themselves
– destroying things they shouldn’t
– trying to hurt you, your family or visitors

Or you want to learn more about:
– what environmental enrichment is & how to use it
– inexpensive and fast toys to keep them entertained
– how small things can make big changes in behavior
– diet and nutrition
– anything else behavior and training related

It’s a great idea to reach out to Kelly.  She loves helping people that love animals and she can help you.

She’s always on the look out for the most positive, least intrusive solution.  Sometimes for birds, she’ll move a cage over a few inches, and it will make a difference in the bird’s behavior.  For dogs, she can often adjust the leash and collar combination for a stress-free walking experience.  She’s also matched hundreds of people with the perfect pet for them.  You just never know what fabulous magic she might be able to help you with.

Kelly really wants you, and your whole family, to have a positive relationship with animals.  There is a LOT of great information in her head that she would love to share with you!  You don’t even have to clean up before she comes over, she knows what it’s like to live with pets!

Consultations generally:
-run about an hour (but if you need longer, that’s also available)
-can include friends and family
-can be at your home or elsewhere (like shopping trips, or situational training)
– can be totally digital!  Skype/Facetime consults available

Classes can also be arranged for groups of 6 or more people.  Contact Kelly if you’d like to arrange a class.

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