Consultation is such a serious sounding word!  It’s true though that the information that you get from Kelly will be seriously helpful.  She is serious about the art and science of behavior and training.  In actuality, she’s pretty fun.  She makes it easy to help your bird behave in the best way it can.  In-home consultations are particularly good in that Kelly can help you create the most beneficial setting for your bird and for you.   She tries to arrange things so that the behavior you want more of is effortless for your bird to perform.  Likewise, she might make it harder for your bird to do the things that are not helpful.  You could say that she is really great at balancing the needs of birds and people.  She keeps consultations affordable so that you can invite her over anytime to help you help your bird!  It doesn’t have to be a serious problem, but she is certainly amazing at helping with those. 

Say your bird is screaming, won’t go back into their cage or bites occasionally, or often… or maybe you just want to learn more about how you can easily add foraging to your bird’s day.   Those are all great reasons to have her over.  Kelly loves hanging out with people that love birds and are interested in behavior or training.  She has even gone on shopping trips with people to craft stores, dollar stores and pet stores to help pick out safe, inexpensive, but really fun bird toys.   Not only do you get a shopping buddy, you also get to learn about safety and DIY parrot toy options that won’t break the bank.   She has helped people incorporate easy and nutritious diets and advised on outdoor aviaries.  Sometimes, she’ll move a cage over a few inches, and it will make a difference in the bird’s behavior.   You just never know what fabulous magic she might be able to help you with.  Or, maybe there is a bird you are interested in adopting, but aren’t quite sure yet.  Kelly has played matchmaker for hundreds of people and their parrots.

Kelly really wants you, and your whole family, to have a positive relationship with the parrots you have in your life.  There is a LOT of great information in her head that she would love to share with you!  Get an hour or more of her undivided attention with a consultation.  You don’t even have to clean up before she comes over, she knows what it’s like to live with birds!

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