Why we love Roombas

If you have pets and you don’t yet have a Roomba, you’re missing out.  These little robotic wonders clean up everything from pet hair to bird seed and they can save you HOURS of work.  Plus, when was the last time you actually vacuumed under your bed?  Well, Roomba does that every time!

We with pets may not be uber house proud, but no one wants to have bird seed stuck to the bottom of their bare feet.  I love these wee suckers so much that I had one at the Avian Medical Center when I was the practice manager there.  It worked well on carpet, vinyl and hardwoods.

I’ve found that most birds get used to them surprisingly quickly (and there are way too many youtube videos showing parrots and chickens riding around on them, so apparently they can be used for enrichment, too!)

If you have an image of your pet riding a Roomba that you’d like to share, send me an email and I’ll add a few of the shares to this post!  Be sure to include how’d you like the photo credit to read! Kelly@BallanceBehavior.com

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